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Cupcake Flavor Menu

We now have Gluten-Free/Vegan Cupcakes available in many flavors

As of Summer 2017 ALL  of our Cupcakes are Vegan (dairy free & egg free)

Mini - 1-5 $2.00 Ea / box of 6 $10 / $19 per dozen

Mini GF/Vegan - $2.50 each

Standard - $3.25 Ea / $38 per Dozen (Available Daily in Limited Qty's)

Standard GF/Vegan - $4.00 each

Jumbo (equals 3 standards) - $9.50 Ea (Special Order Only- Includes Gift Box)

Cupcake Flavors - All Are Vegan (Dairy/Egg Free)

Available Daily Monday-Saturday

Gluten Free/Vegan must be special ordered 24 hours in advance

* Triple Vanilla - Moist vanilla cake and buttercream infused with Nielssen Massey Madagascar Extract, Paste & Organic Vanilla Sugar. Available GF

* Triple Chocolate - Rich chocolate cake, buttercream and sprinkles. Made with Callebaut Belgian Chocolate. Chocoholics rejoice! Available GF

* Cookies n' Cream - Our chocolate or vanilla cake topped with delicious Oreo buttercream.

* Red Velvet - A classic. Cocoa cake w/ deliciously smooth cream cheeze frosting.

* Strawberry - Vanilla or chocolate cake w/ Strawberry buttercream. Made with love & fresh, ripe strawberries. Available GF

* Vanilla Chocolate - Vanilla cake w/ chocolate buttercream. Available GF

* Chocolate Vanilla - See above but reverse it! :) Available GF

*Guava - Guava Cupcake with out-of-this-world cream cheeze and guava buttercream.

Flavors of the Day

Sunday - Closed

Monday - PB&C



Wednesday - Golden Oreo Chocolate Chip


Thursday - Throwback Thursday Flavor! Changes weekly, please call or E-mail for flavor


Friday - Pina Colada

Saturday -  Koko Loco


Monthly Flavors (Available daily on the month listed)

January - Banana Split

February - Strawberries n' Champagne

March - Bailey's Irish Cream

April - Bunny's Favorite

May - Sweet Rose   White Chocolate Passion Fruit

June -  Mango Tango

July - Blueberry Pancake

August - Key Lime Pie

September - Apple Pie

October - Pumpkin Spice

November - Sweet Potato Casserole

December - White Chocolate & Chocolate Peppermint & Sugar n' Spice


**Special Order Only (Minimum Order of 12 Standard or 24 mini of the same flavor. Please order a minimum of 48 hours in advance)

* Glazed Donut - tastes like a donut! - no buttercream, but a delicious melt-in-your-mouth glaze topping.

* Koko Choco - Chocolate cake w/ coconut buttercream and moist coconut topping.

* Raspberry Coconut - Delicious Raspberry buttercream, Fresh Raspberry Coulis filling & coconut cake topped with moist coconut

* Koko Loco - Coconut cake w/ coconut buttercream and moist coconut topping.

* Lavender Blossom - Orange blossom cake with French lavender honey buttercream. An unexpected but amazing combination. 

* Pina Colada - Moist coconut cake with fresh pineapple buttercream. A sweet trip to the tropics!

* Mocha Latte - Chocolate cake with a creamy coffee flavored buttercream. Topped with a fresh roasted espresso bean. Coffee + chocolate + cupcake equals YUM.

* Strawberry Banana - Our yummy strawberry frosting with a fresh, moist banana cake.

* Strawberry Lemon - Sweet Lemony Cake topped with fresh strawberry buttercream & lemon zest.

* Tangy Lemon - Lemon cake with a lip-smacking lemon buttercream. Made with fresh Meyer lemons & zest. Topped with fresh Lemon zest!

* Golden Oreo - Vanilla cake with Golden Oreo infused buttercream. Topped with a yellow sprinkles.

* Bunny's Favorite - Ali's mom's famous carrot cake, made with freshly grated carrots, pineapple and coconut. Cream cheese frosting and a healthy dose of moist coconut completes this amazing cupcake!

* Nutella - Vanilla Cake with Nutella Filling, Nutella Buttercream and topped with freshly roasted hazelnuts.

* Ferrero Rocher - Chocolate Cake w/ Nutella Buttercream dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with freshly roasted hazelnuts

* Dark Chocolate Orange - Dark Chocolate Cake Infused with 100% Orange juice and freshly grated zest. Topped with orange buttercream and dark chocolate shreds.

* Butterscotch Original - Vanilla Cupcake w/ Vanilla Buttercream dipped in mouthwatreing butterscotch.

* S'mores - Chocolate Cupcake Baked w/ Graham Cracker Crust and topped with Marshmallow Meringue

* Blueberry Pancake - Blueberry Cupcake infused with 100% organic Canadian Maple Syrup, Topped with Maple Buttecream & powdered Sugar

* Breakfast at Ali's- Blueberry Cupcake infused with Maple Syrup, Maple Buttercream, Powdered sugar & topped with soy breakfast & sea salt

*Chocolate Salted Caramel Frappe

*Snickers - Caramel cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream, chopped peanuts and drizzled with our own house-made caramel.

*Kit Kat - A mini kit kat inside each cupcake! topped with chocolate ganache and more Kit Kat sprinkled on top!

*The King - Peanut butter and chocolate chips inside banana cake topped with PB/Chocolate buttercream. Insanely good. We like to think Elvis would be proud.

* Lucuma - Peruvian delicacy! Described by some as a maple/dulce de leche mix, we can only describe it as delicious!

*Chicha Morada - If you haven't tried this Peruvian Purple Corn drink you might be wondering how this could possibly taste...both the drink and the cupcake are a flavor you can't miss. An exotic concoction of purple corn, pineapple, lemon and a dash of cinnamon, made from scratch exclusively for us.

*Chirimoya - Made with real chirimoya, a fruit described by many as the most delicious fruit in the planet!

*Gone Bananas - Moist banana cake with semi-sweet chocolate chips & yummy chocolate buttercream. Sprinkled with yellow nonpareils.

*Pistachio -

*Fiori Di Sicilia -

Drunk Cupcakes! Adults Only! - Made with Bacardi & Quality Liquors

*Strawberry Margarita

*Cherry Noir

* Tequila Lime


*Pina Colada (drunk version)


*Dark Chocolate Orange (drunk version)

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