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We take much care in shipping all of our cookies. For our hand-decorated cookies, each cookie is individually wrapped in bubble wrap. Some of our smaller photo cookies are less prone to breakage so every other cookie is wrapped in bubble wrap. We do not give refunds (money-back) on cookies that arrive broken. If your order should arrive with broken cookies, please take photo proof to E-mail to us (within 24 hours of receipt) and keep all of the broken cookies and packaging in case UPS will need to see it to verify the claim.

On every order insurance is included up to $100.00 per package, if you would like us to increase the value of the insurance please advise this to us by E-mailing orders@alissweettreats.com immediately (within 24 hours) after placing your order. If your order should become damaged during transit, we will assist you in placing the claim with UPS. We can not assist you with the claim if your order was shipped via USPS.

For orders sent USPS or for orders that were denied your claim, we will give you a company credit for each cookie that arrived completely broken (minor damage not included). We will need photo proof and proof that the claim was denied prior to sending you company credit.

We will send replacement cookies for the exact quantity of cookies that arrived completely broken or give company credit (photo proof is needed before replacement is sent or credit given). Please note that replacements can take up to 2 weeks to receive. You will not be charged for shipping on replacement orders.

Please do not return of refuse packages or broken cookies, this will not act as a cancellation of your order and we will not issue refund.


Cookie Order Errors (color, ribbon, spelling, etc)

At the time of placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation E-mail (or invoice if you placed your order by phone) with most of the details of your order. If any information is missing from the order confirmation or invoice that you wanted on the cookies (i.e. name or specific colors, etc) it is the cutomer's responsibility to inform us within 24 hours of receipt so that we may send a new revised invoice with the correct/complete information. Ali's Sweet Treats will not be responsible for information that is missing or incorrect on the order confirmation/invoice.

Please review your order confirmation or invoice to make sure all of the information is accurate. If any details of the cookies is missing (colors, background, etc), please send us an E-mail immediately (within 24 hours) to orders@alissweettreats.com . If you do not receive a response from us within 48 hours, it is possible we did not receive your first request, please call us at 1-888-229-2039 and re-send the E-mail. If you do not receive a response from us via E-mail, we may not have received your changes/corrections and we are not responsible for any errors on your order.

Any error made by Ali's Sweet Treats, that was correct on the order confirmation or invoice, will be eligible for company credit for each cookie that arrived with the incorrect color(s) or spelling.

Please note that on certain occasions throughout the year, we will run out of a ribbon color. If this should happen, we will substitute with a similar color, another color we think will suit the cookies or white. We will not refund or give credit for cookies that arrive with incorrect ribbon color.

Late/Incorrect Address Shipping

Ali's Sweet Treats will not refund a customer due to shipping delays, inclement weather, weather disasters or incorrect address information. If the customer chooses UPS Ground at the time of placing the order, we are not responsible if the order does not arrive within the time frame given to us by UPS. If UPS or USPS Express (guaranteed packages only)  is at fault (they change delivery date or lose the package), we will help you with the claim. However, we will not give refunds or credits for orders that are reported missing or delayed by any shipping carrier. If UPS or USPS gives us credit for the shipping charges, we will pass this credit onto our customer (only after we receive credit/check). Handling charges will not be refunded.

Normally we will allow 1-2 extra days to allow for any delivery delays caused by UPS Ground, this is usually only given to customers who place their order 3 or more weeks in advance. If you place your order less than 2 weeks in advance we recommend choosing UPS 3 Day, 2nd  Day or Next Day to guarantee delivery by a certain date.

The delivery date we give you at the time of placing your order is an estimate. We will have it delivered 1-3 days before the event date. The exact date can only given for hand-delivered orders, UPS 3 Day Select, UPS 2nd Day or UPS Next Day.

Please note that all orders receive a confirmation via E-mail. If the confirmation has an incorrect address on it, you must notify us within 24 hours. We will not be responsible for late or lost packages due to an incorrect address. If UPS is able to find the correct address but charges us $10 incorrect address fee, you will be responsible for paying this fee.


Cancellations of hand-decorated cookies that are received 8 days prior to your event date (or delivery date given on the order confirmation via the web) are eligible for full refund.

Cancellations of custom orders (defined as any cookie not listed on our website) or photo cookies that are received 8 days prior to the event date (or delivery date) are eligible for 97% refund. (3% processing fee).

Orders cancelled less than 7 days before your event will be refunded 50% or less depending on how many cookies were already made and decorated. If your order was already begun (photo proof will be provided to customer upon request) you will be responsible for the exact quantity of cookies that were baked ($1.00-$2.50 per cookie) and/or decorated (full price).

We do not give money-back refunds on any hand-decorated, photo or custom cookies.

We will send replacement cookies for the exact quantity of cookies that arrived completely broken or give company credit (photo proof is needed before replacement is sent or credit given). Please note that replacements can take up to 2 weeks to receive. You will not be charged for shipping on replacement orders unless you choose an expedited shipping option (you will be charged for the difference).

Cookie Variations

All of our treats are made by hand. With this in mind, please note that there may be slight differences between the cookies you will receive and the cookies shown on the website or images sent to you by E-mail. On occasion our photo cookies will change colors during transport or after receipt. This is more common with darker colored cookies. Our photo cookie images will sometimes stick to the paper in certain weather conditions, please keep our photo cookies away from light and in a cool place (not the refrigerator or freezer). We will not issue refunds or credits for cookies that have slight variations or color changes. If you would like to keep your cookies as a memento, you can keep them in the freezer for a looong time (we don't know exactly how long, but we have had customers who tell us they have kept them more than 2 years.).

If you choose to freeze your cookies to help keep them fresh before an event, please put them inside an airtight container before placing them in the freezer and bring them back to room temperature before opening the container. We have never frozen our cookies (we're too scared and we like the idea of always keeping our cookie dough and cookies "fresh!"), so please freeze your cookies at "your own risk". Never put any of our cookies in the refrigerator! Condensation will ruin the icing of hand-decorated cookies and images of photo cookies.

Payment Options

We accept most forms of payment. Cash, Check, Credit Card (AMEX, Mastercard, Discover and VISA) and PayPal.

Orders of $500.00 or more MUST be paid with check or money order.

We will only schedule orders AFTER payment has been received and processed.

If we do not receive full payment atleast 10 business days prior to your event date, you may be asked to pay for expedited shipping so that you may get your order by the due date. If full payment is not received atleast 7 business days prior to scheduled ship date, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

If payment is made by credit card, the credit card will be processed within 1-3 business days after we receive your order. If payment is made by check, we will need it atleast 15 business days prior to the scheduled ship date.

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